Welcome to Ottery Buildit and Wynberg Buildit , both part of the Build-Mor Group, which also includes Mitchell’s Plain Buildit .

A family business with community upliftment as a core value, Wynberg Buildit has become a familiar landmark on Wynberg Main Road . We are involved in various community projects including soccer tournaments, soup kitchens, children's homes, mosques and churches. Ottery Build it is our latest addition to our Build it stable. All our stores acknowledge that it is with the support of the community that they are able to give back.

Conveniently situated, our stores take pride in our friendly service, knowledgeable staff, good delivery turnaround time and competitive pricing of high quality stock. Our businesses are backed by strong buying power as we purchase our materials collectively for all our branches, and are thus able to give you the best deals.

Ottery and Wynberg thank the community for their continued support.

Ottery Build it Contact Details

Physical Address: 392 Ottery road, Ottery, 7800 
Telephone: 021 704 0771  |  Facsimile: 021 704 0776  
Email: finance@builditbuildmor.co.za   
Business Hours: 7.30am to 5pm (Monday to Friday - closed Fridays between 14.45 and 13.45)  Saturdays 07.30 to 14.00

Wynberg Build it Contact Details

Physical Address: 304 Main Road, Wynberg, Western Cape
Telephone: 021 797 2264  |  Facsimile: 021 761 4116 
Email: buildmor@mweb.co.za    
Business Hours: 7.30am to 5pm ( Monday to Friday - closed Fridays between 14.45 and 13.45)  Saturdays 07.30 to 14.00